Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are several of the most common question. If your question is not answered below feel free to visit our contact page for information on how to reach us.

How to start playing?

NO DOWNLOAD IS REQUIRED. You can use any pc, laptop, mac, tablet, ipad, or mobile device to play on ZeroRiskPoker. On the home page there is a large green PLAY NOW BUTTON. Click it and start playing.

Can I play in more then one tournament at a time?

Yes you can. When in our platform you can play up to 4 tournaments/tables at a time. When you open a tournament/table you can go back to the lobby by clicking the lobby tab all the way at the top. Then open up another tournament/table. You will have to click the multiple tabs within the lobby to play multiple games at one time. It does not pop up when it is your action, so be aware that you need to check each table to see if it is your action. You can tile the tables from the lobby so you are able to view all the tables on 1 screen.

What do I do if I win a tournament?

If the tournament you won is a satellite or qualifier, you will automatically be entered into the Final Tournament. If you win a Final tournament, we will mail the prize to the address we have on file for you or email you instructions for redemption.

What If Encounter Someone Using Foul or Inappropriate Language?

We are working on automatic filtering software and tools that will enable us to immediately address situations in which another player engages in foul language. This site is a fun site that values everyone. If you find something that you feel is not acceptable, use the contact us page and we investigate and take the appropriate action.

What If Other Players are Sitting Out Excessively?

Some people play differently because these are free tournaments. We recommend taking this in stride, as over time the weak will be eliminated from tournaments. If someone is sitting out from the start of the tournament most will have been eliminated by the 30-minute mark. So you may see several people removed at one time and you will be that much closer to winning the prize.

What If I Cannot Play In A Tournament that I Previously Entered?

While we would love to award your entry into another tournament or provide the ability to change dates, each tournament has specific rules, which do not allow us to do so. However, we can award your entry to a friend. If you would like to grant your entry to a friend, email us their user name, tournament name and date that you would like to give to a friend at and you will see their user name listed as one of the entrants and your name removed.